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Foreign Workers Medical

Foreign Worker Medical insurance plan provides protection for foreign workers (excluding foreign maids) against the cost of hospitalisation, surgery and other related expenses.

It will help reduce your financial burden if Insured Person who is covered under the policy is hospitalised as a result of sickness or accident.

The claim must be made for the treatment of a medical condition or injury while the plan is valid.

Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is a complex and sensitive area of insurance demanding expert service provision.

Workers compensation is complicated by the fact that it is partly governed by the Work Injury Compensation Act and also by common law.

Under the Act, the injured employee does not need to prove negligence on the part of the employer. The Act provides for indemnity in respect of medical leave wages, medical and hospital fees and compensation for permanent disability.

Employers also face the risk of injured employees bringing claims under the common law which is an entirely different regime.

Innovative and cost-effective Workman Injury Compensation solutions can help employers negotiate this complex area of risk and give both the employer and the employee greater security for the future.

Group Health Insurance

We take good care of our own lives and, in an ideal world, accidents and mishaps would never happen. But in reality, life exposes us to a variety of hazards.

Having good insurance cover takes the worry out of the risk in running a business.

In the event of the unexpected, you need the reassurance that adequate cover is in place.

We have a range of comprehensive Group PA products designed to provide cover options for employers and employees with cover for permanent and temporary disablement, lump sum payment for death following an accident and medical expenses for accident.