Comprehensive Protection for Vessels and Cargo

Secure your vessels and cargo with comprehensive protection. Our specialized insurance solutions offer complete coverage for your maritime assets, ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding against risks.

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Solutions Provider

Discover comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your needs. As your trusted One Stop General Insurance Solutions Provider, we offer a wide range of insurance options to safeguard your assets, health, and peace of mind.

Travel the World in
Complete Freedom

Whether you’re backpacking through exotic destinations, enjoying a family vacation, or traveling for business, our insurance plans protect you against unforeseen circumstances.
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Marinelife Insurance at A Glance

Our clients rely on the effectiveness of what we provide. With a proven track record, our products/services have consistently delivered exceptional results. We prioritize understanding our clients' unique requirements and tailor our solutions to meet their specific goals.
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You Can Entrust Your Business to Us

Put your business in capable hands and entrust it to us with confidence. As a trusted partner, we understand the unique challenges and risks faced by businesses.

Our comprehensive range of insurance solutions and expert advice provide the protection and support your business needs to thrive. Whether it's safeguarding your assets, mitigating liability risks, or ensuring continuity during unexpected events, we are committed to being your reliable partner.

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The History of Liberty

One of our partner, Liberty Insurance Singapore became the 6th largest insurer. It also embarked on a complete face-lift of Liberty House, which now supports over 200 employees.

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$ 199
2 GB
10GB Of Storage
2 Email Accounts
2 Domains
Email Support
$ 260
5 GB
15GB Of Storage
2 Email Accounts
5 Domains
Full Support
$ 360
10 GB
25GB Of Storage
2 Email Accounts
Unlimited Domains
Full Support

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